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SD-WAN: Saving You Money



Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  But, in reality, SD-WAN could be your new BFF!


First, what is SD-WAN?


Software‐Defined WAN, or SD‐WAN for short, is at the leading edge of software‐based networking deployments. SD‐WAN offers significant business value for organizations with distributed branches in terms of business agility and the ability to leverage Internet bandwidth economics – put simply, cost savings.


We got your attention with ‘cost savings’, didn’t we?


In contrast, SD‐WAN provides a wide range of benefits for distributed organizations, including:


Business agility. Rapid deployment of WAN services (such as bandwidth and firewall) to distributed branch operations without the need to send IT personnel on‐site. Bandwidth can be easily added (with additional circuits) or reduced as business requirements evolve.

Internet economics. Internet connectivity (including cable, DSL and ethernet) is widely available, quick to deploy and a fraction of the cost of equivalent MPLS circuits. SD‐WAN provides the benefits of reliable, secure WAN service at Internet price points.

Optimized cloud architecture. SD‐WAN eliminates the backhaul penalties of traditional MPLS networks and leverages the Internet to provide secure, high‐ performance connections from the branch to cloud. With SD‐WAN, remote users will see significant improvements in their experience when using the cloud/SaaS‐based applications.


Now, we could go on for pages about SD-WAN, but that certainly would not be prudent of us…so, here’s what we would like to suggest!


Call your Cactus Technology Solutions’ executive today.  They have a few questions they can send your way to determine your organization’s immediate needs for utilizing the impressive features of SD-WAN.  And remember, time with one of our executives is complimentary – so you have nothing to lose!

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on September 18, 2019
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