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Client Feature: Christi Bates of San Antonio Infectious Disease Consultants

Austin-native, Christi Bates, is certainly not new to the healthcare industry and knows first-hand what foundational elements must be in place for the ideal IT/Telecom infrastructure.

As practice manager for San Antonio Infectious Disease Consultants, Christi ‘inherited’ a challenge regarding some IT issues when she began her role.  Between departures of key SAIDC personnel and various other issues, Christi found herself in a dilemma.

Christi had to call Jazmyne Renfro, vice-president of operations to determine what were the critical next steps and, unfortunately, had to ask, ‘had there been any balls dropped by the provider’.

“Jazmyne was the calm to the chaos,” explains Christi of her interactions with the Cactus Technology Solutions team.

Christi quickly learned how Jazmyne utilizes the Cactus Technology back office to get the correct answer and the accurate point of contact to address pressing issues.  Something a client doesn’t and shouldn’t have to worry about.

“I see the value-added services, coupled with optimal customer service, as valuable assets of Cactus Technology Solutions.  Having them as my advocate and to do the leg work saves me time and frustration.  I would have zero hesitation recommending the Cactus team,” says Christi.

Married with three children, Christi manages a busy household too; between family events and multiple activities for her children, Christi also finds time to indulge in her hobby – interior design/decorating.

Christi sees her role with SAIDC continuing to face positive growth; and knowing she has the Cactus Team in her corner for any IT/Telecom components to assist leveraging the growth makes for a since of relief.

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on February 28, 2020
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