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5 Tips For Working Remote & How Cactus Can Help


1. Create The Perfect Workspace

Finding a private space that enables you to focus, engage in uninterrupted video conferences, and inspire daily productivity is paramount. Having the right tools at your fingertips is also a top priority; you depend on security and connectivity even when you’re working remotely. Cactus Technology Solutions will ensure you and your team have the right tools to streamline your productivity from the office to home, at no cost to you. Whether that’s taking your business’s data to the cloud, providing a telecom upgrade, or just having a more reliable and secure internet connection can help establish a more sound and reliable remote experience.

2. Set Deadlines

Since the end of Q4 is quickly approaching, make sure you don’t get behind on those final deadlines, so you can truly enjoy the holiday festivities with family. Making daily to-do lists, and sticking to that list can increase productivity and help you feel extra accomplished while staying motivated when you cross them off or deleting them off your time management app.

3. Streamline Tasks

Just how Cactus Technology Solutions can streamline your business to work more efficiently and seamlessly, you can see trends in your day-to-day work and make it more efficient! For example, if you’re sending emails to clients 100 times a week, make an email template, or multiple, to ensure the content feels more personalized. Here is a great free tool to ensure your emails are personalized and streamlined! Try Dynamic Email Content

4. Use Tech Tools!

Out with the post-it notes and in with apps or software that helps your organization! There are so many tools that Cactus Technology Solutions can help your business or team become more efficient, data-driven, money-making machines.

5. Don’t Forget to Unplug & Tidy Up For Tomorrow

Try to spend just a couple of minutes at the end of your workday to clean up and organize your space so it’s ready for what tomorrow will bring. Working from home (or in the office) can sometimes feel like you can never fully getaway, so spend some quality time relaxing and taking care of yourself. Cactus Technology Solutions realizes that people are the most important asset, and they take great care of their employees and clients. Take time to reset and enjoy the flexibility that working remotely has to offer and learn how Cactus can work side by side with you to improve your day-to-day life.


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Amy Milam
Owner & CEO


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Employee Feature of the Month: Robbin Metuh

Our team at Cactus Technology Solutions is nothing short of exceptional, and our Client Solutions Executive, Robbin Metuh is that and more! With over 20 years of working in the telecom/IT industry, Robbin has a long history of providing clients with excellent service and gives her all to each of her customers. “When I came to Cactus, I wanted to give my all which was 200%, not 100%. That included getting out there, getting into the field, making sure my customers were taken care of, and working my butt off.” Everyday Robbin is exploring new vendors and products along with a multitude of various industry customers, and discovering technology solutions to help their business succeed.

Learn More About Robbin >>

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