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Technology is now a revenue-generating source for businesses, and how well your technology works will structure how great your company succeeds in your industry. You may think you have the best providers, the latest and most innovative technology solutions, or it might cost your business more to upgrade. When we talk about our role as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ at Cactus, we take great pride in helping your company find the most cost-effective solution customized for your business that can potentially save you money. We have countless testimonies from our clients where we saved them thousands a year and gave them better technology with these new solutions!

Cost Savings

With how quickly technology has changed, a Trusted Advisor’s role has become more and more critical to help businesses navigate different IT and telecommunications decisions, allowing each company to steer clear of making the wrong decisions for their organization. The weight of making these IT decisions to upgrade or cut costs on their technology solutions is heavy. With Cactus’ help, we can navigate and find the best provider available to you while ensuring you’re getting the best deal and securing you are well taken care of once you upgrade or change providers.

According to Gartner’s study on the B2B Buying Journey, 77% of B2B Buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex or challenging when making these purchases on their own. The buyer has to identify the problem they’re having, identify available technology solutions, research what they would need to purchase, verifying that the supplier has what they need, searching for validation from others in the network to ensure they’re making the right choice and then getting others on board within their department to make the purchase. That process takes a lot of time, and time is money. Cactus TS can find what you need quickly by giving you every detail and expert advice that you need to make a crucial decision that may affect your company’s overall success. A Trusted Advisor at Cactus will validate the requirements your company needs, ensure that the technology solutions that are chosen deliver cost-effectiveness for today and in the future while ensuring the vendor’s implementation and ease of use for end-users. Once Cactus helps you with your technology solutions, it doesn’t stop there. Cactus will be there for you if you have any bumps along the road, and you will have a name and a number to contact personally if you ever need assistance.

If you’re worried about the cost of having a Trusted Advisor, don’t worry. Not only are we able to find technology innovations that can save you money and improve the solutions you already have, but we are paid for through the providers. That way, you get to make huge IT decisions with our experts’ help, at no cost to you, and you will always have us there if you require assistance.

Here at Cactus, we maintain our relationships that aren’t just technical, and we go above and beyond to help our clients receive the best service while looking for new technology solutions you may need down the road and, we are always looking for new solutions for your business. That way, your organization can maintain its competitive edge. Reach out to Cactus for expert advice on technology solutions and have someone looking out for your company to help you save money to ensure your business thrives.

April’s Client Results – Joe Crawford at Lubbock & Abilene Aero

“Cactus has a team approach. When we had service issues or cable cuts, their responsiveness has been incredible. When we had just AT&T, there wasn’t a face to the vendor, they change who your rep is all the time, and when we got with Cactus, there was a face and a name to our service. Cactus can look at different solutions and have the tools to find what works best for our business. We did upgrade our bandwidth in Abilene, and Cactus managed that transition and was very good at handling the process step by step and getting it done efficiently. They’re just your complete one-stop-shop for all of your technology needs- voice and data. They’re the kind of company you really enjoy doing business with.”

Employee Feature of the Month: Shannon Matus

Shannon Matus is one of the Cactus Technology Solutions team’s newest members, and she has been such an incredible contribution to our organization. Shannon has a passion for positively helping others, and she looks at her position at Cactus as a way to do just that.

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CTS Team Feature: Shannon Matus

CTS Team Feature: Shannon Matus

Shannon Matus is one of the Cactus Technology Solutions team's newest members, and she has been such an incredible contribution to our organization. Shannon has a passion for positively helping...

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CTS Team Feature: Tanner Milam

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