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Cactus Technology Solutions


Cactus Technology Solutions is always looking for the brightest talent in the technology and telecommunications industry. With that said, we’re especially looking for Client Solutions Executive (CSE) across Texas. The CSE’s primary role is to support business from new and existing Cactus customers from our portfolio of 250+ technology providers.


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Career Details

Methods to acquire business include networking, event attendance, event coordination, cold calling, email campaigns, social media, and more. The ideal candidate has a background of at least 3 years in selling IT, cloud, and/or telecom, is incredibly entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and disciplined.

When it comes to a company that I am passionate about working for, it’s going to be Cactus Technology Solutions. They’ve helped me grow professionally, mentally and it’s given me another avenue to expand on the skills that I’ve already had in place but also to be able to share those skills with others.

Robbin Metuh

Client Solutions Executive Austin, Houston, San Antonio