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CTS Team Feature: Jazmyne Renfro

With her strong IT background – most recently in digital marketing for the notable IT research firm, Gartner – vice-president of operations for Cactus Technology Solutions, Jazmyne Renfro – brings a depth of knowledge to the team, and most importantly to the customers of Cactus.

Jazmyne understands, and respects, her role in assuring seamless solution implementation for clients of Cactus, is vital to all involved.  Regardless if it’s a new client, or a client of several years, the first step after the sale is critical to client satisfaction and Jazmyne embraces that role to its fullest.

“When I become involved with the client, often times they’re new to the Cactus ‘family’; it’s my responsibility to make sure they feel welcomed, and more importantly their relevant client onboarding process with respect to their product(s) is with smooth and they have a point of contact throughout the progression,” explains Jazmyne.  “There are many clients who look to me for significant answers when their client solutions executive is not available; and that’s a responsibility I am honored to have and play a role in.”

A native of Houston, Jazmyne moved back to her home state of Texas in part due to her new role with Cactus after her stint with Gartner in Florida.  Ready to return to her home state, Jazmyne welcomed the chance.  “Though college and job opportunities took me elsewhere and I enjoyed my time in those places, I’m a Texan, and I enjoy being home,” boast Jazmyne.

Jazmyne believes the people – both customers and fellow Cactus colleagues – is what she has enjoyed the most in her role.  Servicing the clients and developing deeper, mutually beneficial relationships is paramount to Jazmyne; and, it mimics the culture Amy Milam, CEO of Cactus, deploys with the entire Cactus team.  Jazmyne’s attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed; she’s even has taken such impeccable care of clients, that some refer to her as their primary point of contact via Cactus.

Working in collaboration with the other Cactus project managers, Jazmyne fosters an honest, hardworking culture with her team within Cactus.  And, has been able to do it with a strong style considering they are all separated by hundreds of miles geographically.

Understanding the importance of self-care, Jazmyne believes taking care of herself has tremendous impact on her role with Cactus’ clients.

“When I take time out for me, I can return to taking care of our clients in a better mindset, and serving our clients in terms of a deeper, more substantial relationship, is impactful – not just for me, but for all the parties involved,” explains Jazmyne.

Having recently celebrated her 30th birthday, Jazmyne received a spectacular gift – a wedding proposal from her boyfriend of three years, Christopher. When not working or thinking about the clients of Cactus, Christopher and Jazmyne enjoy finding a good television show to watch together – most recently, ‘Fargo’ with Chris Rock.

Jazmyne has a unique perspective on trends, considering the variance of clients and their respective solutions.  When asked what she believes businesses’ resources need to concentrate on going into the new year, her answer was immediate.  “Unfortunately, due to COVID our focus and respective compliance must be on security.   As people continue to WFH (work from home), coupled with increasing hacking threats, it’s essential for businesses to assure they have the best security infrastructure in place.”

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on October 29, 2020
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