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CTS Team Feature: Renaldo Reed

With Renaldo Reed’s first anniversary at Cactus TS in February approaching, we would like to highlight the tremendous insight, hard work, and quality service he has brought to his clients at Cactus and team members. Renaldo has over 15 years of experience in the IT/telecom industry and has received numerous recognitions for his hard work and excellent customer service. Since Renaldo started his role around the time the pandemic started, it has brought unexpected challenges, but he has stayed determined to reach out to new clients during these unprecedented times and provide them with quality service and support. Renaldo is originally from Birmingham, Alabama but now serves the Houston, Austin, and South Texas areas within Cactus TS.

Renaldo’s day to day work life consists of reaching out to clients, building trust with those clients, and providing them with technology solutions to suit their specific needs. Renaldo also enjoys team calls with his team members at Cactus, that way he can connect and engage while working remotely.

“What I love most about my role is when I get to brainstorm and collaborate with our team because there are so many different people with different backgrounds and different levels of knowledge.” He also stated that at Cactus TS “it truly feels like a family, everyone cares about each other, and even though we work remote it still feels like we are all connected.”

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on January 15, 2021
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