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Provider: CBTS


CBTS (Parent Company NYSE: CBB), provides a unique nationwide portfolio of managed service offerings. They create “as-a-Service” solutions around traditional hardware sales (i.e. Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet, Palo Alto, etc.). Additionally, they offer creative integration designs and term agreements. They offer: (1) Network-as-a-Service (NaaS): Managed Cisco Meraki Utility services, which include SDN & UTM Firewall (MX), Switching (MS), and Wi-Fi with Analytics (MR). (2) Cloud-based SD-WAN: This service will leverage lightweight edge appliances and cloud-based SD-WAN to deliver "quality of experience" for customers' applications over low-cost transport. (3) Security Services: A suite of managed security products that span unified threat management, ongoing security management (response), and one-time services (e.g. audits, penetration tests, etc.). (4) UCaaS: Two options based on the size and complexity of an organization, both available in a utility (OpEx), fully-managed model. Cisco EHCS, for large enterprises, and Connected Office Voice (Broadsoft), for small and medium enterprises. Their experience is vast and currently includes 200,000+ users in service.

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