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Recognized as one of North America’s top providers of Unified Communications, Momentum Telecom has been a trusted provider for Cactus Technology Solutions for several years.

“Our clients rely on us to bring simple, painless solutions to them.  It is critical we choose partners, such as Momentum who value the golden rule when building relationships with our clients.  Honesty, integrity, and understanding are of the utmost important qualities we look for.  The rest is easy,” explains Amy Milam, CEO of Cactus Technology Solutions.

Founded in 2001 as Momentum Business Solution, it began as an internet and business phone provider, but modern-day businesses quickly changed the IT/telecom landscape and Momentum quickly adapted to meet the demands of the marketplace.

With an estimated 30 Channel Managers, Momentum’s channel team is robust.  With over 40 years of experience, dedicated Channel Manager Kerri Lytle, and Solution Design Engineer, Russell Smith bring the depth of industry experience and knowledge required to bring solid solutions and support to Cactus’ clients.

Momentum’s culture is far reaching, including assuring their partners and processes are part of the culture; and, for Kerri makes the difference.  “Our mentality of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners, like Cactus, combined with our focused collaborative approach from pre-sale all the way to post-sale with our white glove installation is our formula for differentiating ourselves from the competition,” states Kerri.

Both Kerri and Russ enjoy being in front of partners and clients and enjoy having the opportunity to watch the customer discover a new facet of their business.  Momentum’s sales process challenges the customer to look at their current telecom infrastructure differently and then identify an area or two for potential added monies to the bottom line.  Often, Momentum can uncover an opportunity that will increase efficiencies and bring a premium solution to the client.

For Amy, Momentum’s sales approach has been readily apparent each time she brings a Momentum in to a client.  “In sitting on the same side of the desk with the customer, it’s imperative our partners take time to understand the client’s business and goals to customize a solution that will improve the way they do business; not just to sell them something.  Each time we bring Kerri and Russ to a presentation, I am confident we have presented a solution that has our customer’s best interest at heart.  I can’t stress the peace of mind it brings to our team” says Amy.

Working with the team from Cactus has been mutually beneficial in several aspects for everyone.  Often times the members of Cactus and Momentum begin with an early day of appointments and continue till the close of business, and according to Russ, “we are having a blast doing it, too!”

Identifying a partner and developing strong relationships with providers is critical for Cactus Technology Solutions.  Those partnerships are the foundation for the success of the clients, Cactus and ultimately the provider.  Kerri echoed the sentiments when asked what was paramount for him when working with Cactus and its customer-focused approach.  Kerri explains, “Cactus is willing to engage us early in the process and therefore it leads to a true collaborative trust.  They are always involving us at the right time and right level.  Everything we do together is united, that’s what makes it effective.  We win together, and sometimes we lose together.”

With the constant changes of how businesses are communicating, Momentum is staying ahead of the curve, even in light of the pandemic.  Companies must support their employees – even those working from home or off-site – and the support means solid voice, network, and security options.

The current ‘work from home’ initiatives have been interesting says Russ, “for voice, we have seen an influx of desire to incorporate the Microsoft Teams to its fullest potential for some clients.”   Russ also says the popularity of soft phones has increased, plus the adoption of video.   “I was somewhat surprised how popular video is now and people are becoming more comfortable with utilizing it.  But then I heard a client say, ‘how can I trust you if I can’t see you’ and it made complete sense.”

Partnerships like Cactus Technology Solutions and Momentum Telecom are the foundation for success – for the clients!

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on August 21, 2020
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