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The Role of a Trusted Advisor at Cactus Technology Solutions

1. We Are Reliable & Credible

When your business has a Trusted Advisor to lead the way in new IT and telecommunications products, there is no doubt that your business will thrive in ways that you never imagined. Having a Trusted Advisor at your side that is reliable, available, and works diligently to create a long-term work relationship to improve your corporation, can dramatically change your business’s success. A Trusted Advisor is there to deliver what they say they will do, and be there to guide you through every step.

2. You Can Take a Seat

We know how stressful it can be when it comes to understanding new technologies since it changes so rapidly. Having outdated systems in place can be costing you more money than you realize, and holding you back from your company’s potential growth. Here at Cactus, we sit on the same side of the table, to layout your roadmap for success, and walk you through every step to make your transition seamless. So take a seat! We have your best interest at heart and we’re here to help you stay competitive with peak-performing technology.

3. We Are Passionate & Enthusiastic About Finding the Right Technology Solutions for YOU

At Cactus Technology Solutions, we are driven and dedicated to putting your interests first, and we can see the customer’s bigger picture. With a long list of providers, we analyze and critique to find technology solutions that are best for your company. Our team at Cactus takes extraordinary preparation every day to ensure we can add great value to your business, and this type of preparation is ongoing. We are available again and again to provide guidance and advice when it comes to new technology innovations.

4. Having a Trusted Advisor Relieves Stress and It’s Less Risky for Your Organization

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a professional advisor to protect you from a data breach, cyberattacks, or guide you through important IT decision making? According to a State of Disruption study done by AVANT, “82% of enterprise customers work with Trusted Advisors to help make and execute technology purchasing decisions.” These customers use Trusted Advisors for cloud-based computer services, cloud-based cybersecurity, data network infrastructure, SaaS application services, and voice telecommunications services. These are products that can’t be implemented alone with an IT team, and updating these systems takes a professional that is up to date with the new innovations and can find the right products to fit your needs.

5. At Cactus, We Genuinely Care

One of our top priorities at Cactus TS, is to help your business thrive. With a team of extraordinarily talented professionals, we genuinely care about our clients and want to discover what we can do to help your business flourish in the new world of IT & telecommunications. Earning your respect and trust is our top priority, and to build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure we meet their business needs and goals. Adding value and integrity to your business is what drives us every day to work diligently and discover business solutions to give our clients a competitive advantage. We take great pride in our role as a Trusted Advisor, as an extension of your team, and we are excited to help you transform your company in ways you never thought would be possible!


Thank you so much for taking the time and giving your feedback. We love to hear from you and ensure we are giving our best service to our customers. Congratulations to our lucky winner, Russell Bittick! We hope you enjoy your new Bose Headphones.

Amy Milam
Owner & CEO

Employee Feature of the Month: Renaldo Reed

With Renaldo Reed’s first anniversary at Cactus TS in February approaching, we would like to highlight the tremendous insight, hard work, and quality service he has brought to his clients at Cactus and team members. Renaldo has over 15 years of experience in the IT/telecom industry and has received numerous recognitions for his hard work and excellent customer service.

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on January 15, 2021
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